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These are the facts i give you. Clean though & thru.. Be sure not to miss & make sure before you diss.

Kubvira nekubvira jecha raingobvira.. Ndokwazvinotangira!

Hanzi evry1 wants to be hardcore..
& some born so.
Evry1 want rich but some born not..
Hapana time yechisalad! Thats were I come from.. exactly were Im comin frm.. Hit potholes on my way here, seen dirty issues n so. Hapana yawaona!
I took shots frm many pistol n some of em is yours.. Thats how it goes. Inini kwandinobva made me ghetto..

You get yours I get mine. How I get mine depends on how you get yours. Mad issues! Aint no love from this….
The Structure. & its pyramid shaped. I eat you for dinner on my way to the top. Survival of the weak then they drop.. Dont be suprised when I ask for your cash.
This is where you get skooled.. Forget rules. They ruled out.. the arm of tha Law Hes asking for a bribe: making a loot. Some choose out! sell out & some spell out.. Never heard of. Story of my life, hanzi maghetto yutes. Bvunza Rasta vanozviziva. Pirates of Harares cash flow. Streets ours coz we took em.. A virus in every system of Control or lose control. And so. Escape the arm. Yese yese inoita.
I work hard I play hard I work smart I play smart. Brutal. Still no love in it.
What are you King of in its streets? Wats yo claim to fame unoritamba sei game?
Shut the fuck up! what you know bout HARDCORE. Why you scare the shadow… Someone like me right? I spot soft. Gara waziva! This is a game to you? Im playing foul to maintain.

You got chains Ok.. Tht wont break my bread! Stop flashing around me!
I might sell that for you. True!
My office is right here my friend! talk wat you got to say. I Heard you said____. I have a different view of me see..
All yah! niggaz too soft..! Now get real.

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