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Glen View Hip Hop

Glen View has claimed its spot as a power house in Zimbabwe’s Hip Hop culture. Quite a number of names from Glen View have been dominating the scene. Some have gone mainstream, while some have remained underground but still making noise, both in the secular and Gospel field. We are all Hip Hop!

Here you will find them all, familiar names and faces, not new to the game. With cats like the former Jostlers 52 crew which consisted of Nib Crouch, MC Ef-em and G.I.L (now gospel) still local, LToxic and Sturtes now based in South Africa still representing. Femcee K Mac is Queen with a lot of respect. You wouldn’t want to pick on her because shes a girl.
3View, another rap duo worth mentioning is made up of brothers Pgee and Nargee going hard at it. These guys customise there own beats and they good at it too.

Some are old school, some are new school and some get caught in the middle but are best at what they do. J.Kush, mad freestyler has not recorded anything and everyone wonders why. Its sad to hear such a dope verse only once. NTM Tha Hommie has brought to us the H.Y.C trend with his Shona raps. He has always brought it down in our vernacular language. Skryptt also has been holding it down. Trap-C and Dub GM do what they know how. Gospel crews involved in it preaching God’s word are known as Jesus Freaks and Young Playaz League. YPL was made up of Young Pound and Simba Java. Whistle is another Gospel rapper. These are just a few to mention.

I guess I speak for all of these talents when I say Gees Records has played the bigger part. This is where you find most, If not all of Glen View Hip Hop’s bangers. In the mix now is Huniland and 3nican Entertainment still producing Glen View hits.

We also love to dance and our B.Boys have ate much of the cake. Christyles, Flip Floppers are names you might have come across as they have awards and titles to their names. Ice Cold cannot be forgotten. The have definately put us on the map as Zimbabwe. Christyls represented even in Korea.

Not only do we boast the best players in the game, we have been active in the Hip Hop circles hosting big events in Glen View’s streets. The response has been major considering a Dancehall dorminated industry. Glen View is known for its Hip Hoping.

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